Watermelon Sauce, LLC

Watermelon Sauce is a collaboration of two experienced web professionals, Paul Armstrong and Zach Johnson. We bring a new level of attention to web design, user experience, and application development that includes a suite of complementary skills. Our enthusiasm about the web as medium and web development as a skilled craft will show in your project.


We are us and us are awesome. That’s just how it is. We set out to have some fun in our spare time, designing and developing web sites out of our homes in Minneapolis, MN. Check out our personal sites to see what other awesome stuff we’re up to.

Zach Johnson
Portrait of Zach Johnson
Mad Scientist
Paul Armstrong
Portrait of Paul Armstrong
Captain Awesome

Sauce Samples

We make some pretty awesome stuff in our garden. Taste for yourself.


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Bees plus flowers gives you honey. Pie and rat together make "pirate." Putting any two things together is bound to have an interesting, even hilarious, effect—or outcome. At Scribbls, you can combine thousands of different drawings to create an infinite number of outcomes.

Get Sauced

Contact us to make your web project a success. We have experience in design, application development, SEO, hosting, and more. We specialize in taking user experience into consideration through every step of your project.

Email us at saucerors@watermelonsauce.com.